The Lapel Pin Takes the Stage at the Golden Globes

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Looking for a Popular and Fun Accessory? Try Lapel Pins.

This year’s Golden Globes was an all black affair. The Hollywood hopefuls poured in wearing their finest gowns, tuxes and bling. But the bling that captured the spotlight at one of the most glamorous affairs of the year, didn’t sparkle or glitter for attention–it made a statement: Time’s Up. This lapel pin got lots of attention on stars like Justin Timberlake, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Joseph Fiennes.

The lapel pin has been around longer than most of us have been alive. It’s always been proudly worn to show allegiance to groups, such as flag pins display national affiliation. Today, lapel pins are more popular than ever. This small accessory is available in literally thousands of designs. From a sparkling Green-eyed Crystal Cat Lapel Pin to the Dog Breed Lapel Pin that shows off your special breed in enamel, there’s a pin for you.
Green-eyed Crystal Cat Lapel Pin - Feature

When it’s time to treat your daughter, granddaughter or niece to a fun accessory, you’ll adore Sly Fox, Fraidy Cat and Trembles the Rabbit Girls Pin Set or the Red and White Spiral Lollipop Lapel Pin.

Sly Fox, Fraidy Cat and Trembles the Rabbit Girls Lapel Pin Set

This accessory will dress up anything you wear or sling over your arm. And you’ll surely find women wearing pins on the obvious places-collars and lapels. But try these places, too: girls back packs, a scarf, a hat, your cozy sweater, the wrist portion of your glove–sparkle or dangle pins look amazing on leather gloves–and your clutch purse.

So join the stars and stop by to check out the lapel pins that are ever popular and fun. You’re going to love them.

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